Dynamic Face Recognition Terminal
TM-DF05N is Widely Used: Passenger Turnstile, Government Institution, Office, Building, Apartment,Community, College. And Various Enterprise,etc.
Description Specifications Support


Product Feature:   
1、Support Dynamic Face Detection, and Adopting Face Recognition Tracking Algorithm.
2、Fast Face Recognition Speed within 0.2s.
3、Face recognition in Long distance    
4、Support LED and Infrared Fill Light at night

5、Support Live Movement Detection.    



Product Model TM_DF05N
 Appearance Case Material
  • Plastic shell, Metal back plate

Firmware Specification
CPU Processor 4 Core 1.2G
Camera 200WPixel HD Colorful Camera
100W Infrared Camera
Fill Light Highlight LED Fill Light
Dual Infrared High Power Fill Light
Display Screen 5.0 inch Electronic Capacity Touch Screen
Screen Resolution 854*480
Keypad Touch Virtual Keypad
Communication Method TCP/IP,WIFI,USB PEN DRIVE
FRR <= 0.1%
FAR <= 0.001%
Product Size 154mm*152mm*22mm
Power Supply DC 12V,2A
Working Temperature -15℃ to 60℃
Language   Chinese, English and other languages(Customized)
User ID Capacity 3000
Face Capacity 3000
User Record Capacity 1,000,000
Identification Type Dynamic Face Recognition, Password, Face Recognition& Password
Face Recognition Mode 1:1, 1:N
Identification Display Person Name& Number
Face Recognition Time Less than 0.2s
Intelligent Function Infrared Live Person Identification Detection
Face Recognition Distance Purely Dynamic Face Recognition 0.5-3m
Infrared Live movement detection 0.5-1.5m
Interface Specification Door Sensor Support
Alarm output 1 set
Relay output 1 set
RS-232 output 1 set
RS-485 output 1 set
U-Disk output 1 set
Exit Switch 1 set
Wiegand Input 1 set WG26/34 Input
Wiegand Output 1 set WG26/34 Output


Hardware manual(4M)
Data Sheet(0.4M)
Attendance Access System8.22 (33M)