TIMMY  Biometric Fingerprint Reader Facial Attendance Machine
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Products Features:

✦Multiple identification: face, fingerprint, card and password together.

✦Double camera for accurate verification.

✦Standard TCP/IP, RS485, USB for communication with computer and server together.

✦Voice indicator for user-friendly experience.

✦Functional camera for using at night.

✦Facial Recognition Fingerprint Access Control Time Attendance


Model TMF630(Facial Atendance Machine)
Working Network
Identification Style Face, fingerprint, card, password
Identification Speed <1 sec
FAR <0.01
FAR <0.0001
Face Capacity 1000 (Auto-learn)
Fingerprint Capacity 5000
Card Capacity 5000
Password Capacity 5000
Record Capacity 300,000
Display 2.8 TFT Color Screen
Language English/Spanish/Turkish/Arabic/Thai/Persian and so on
Communication TCP/IP/USB
Humidity 20%-60%
Temperature 0℃-40℃
Access control Simple access control function for door open/close control
Output Electric Lock
Voice Boom,Dual LED
Power Supply DC9V
Software Free


Hardware manual(1.4M)
Data Sheet(1.4M)
Attendance Access System(29M)